JSMA Virtual Tours

    Remember This: Hung Liu at Trillium      

A New Woman: Clara Barck Welles, Inspiration & Influence in Arts & Crafts Silver

    Common Seeing: Meeting Points      

12 Hz | Ron Jude

The JSMA invites you to take a virtual tour of selected special exhibitions and permanent collection galleries. Each tour allows you to stroll through the museum at your own pace, using the circle icons on the floor to navigate from location to location. You can zoom in on individual artworks, read object labels and descriptive texts by clicking on the small icons next to each work, and also access informational links, and exhibition brochures or study guides. You can also make your internet browser window larger or smaller as desired—and we recommend expanding it to full screen to take advantage of the tours’ high resolution, 360-degree photos!

Links to our currently featured tours will always appear at the top of this webpage, but the JSMA will continue to add new galleries and tours as our exhibitions change. Check back often to see what’s new and on view. We anticipate keeping exhibitions available well past their opening dates, too, so if you missed a show due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you will still be able to find it here. If you don’t see the show you are hunting for at the top of the page, scroll down to where we will list past exhibitions and their virtual tours.

JSMA virtual tours are made possible with the support of the Art Bridges foundation and our members.

Fit to Print: The Dawn of Journalism in Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Lavenberg and Michels Collections  

Max Pollak: In the Barrack Camp
at Nikolsburg

  The Art of the News: Comics Journalism
Black Lives Matter - Artist Grant Program   Salvador Dali: Printmaker, Storyteller   I Am MoreThan Who You See
Libby Wadsworth: Always InFormation   Pierre Daura’s Enchanted Universe   Myriad Treasures: Celebrating the Reinstallation of the Soreng Gallery
Metamorphosis   Northwest Ambience: Frank Okada  

Korean Ceramic Culture:
Legacy of Earth and Fire

Tiempo suspendido | Suspended Time:
Myrna Báez and Norma Vila Rivero