January 06, 2023 to June 04, 2023
What We Leave Behind evaluates the network of forces that compel many to leave “home” and the challenges encountered through borderization.
October 15, 2022 to April 02, 2023
Lonnie Graham is a photographer, installation artist, and cultural activist investigating methods by which the arts may be used to achieve tangible meaning in people’s lives. A Conversation with the World comprises work done in Africa, Asia, the Pacific Rim, Europe, and the Americas. Graham meets individuals and, through mutual trust, makes a portrait and records a conversation. Regardless of age, gender or nationality, all were asked the same eight questions pertaining to origins, family, life, death, values, tradition, and thoughts on Western Culture.
September 28, 2022 to December 18, 2022
"Many Wests: Artists Shape an American Idea" examines the perspectives of 48 modern and contemporary artists who offer a broader and more inclusive view of this region, which too often has been dominated by romanticized myths and Euro-American historical accounts. Featuring artwork from the permanent collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) and four partner museums in the western region of the United States, Many Wests is the culmination of a multi-year, joint curatorial initiative made possible by the Art Bridges Foundation. This exhibition presents an opportunity to examine previous misconceptions, question racist clichés, and highlight the multiple communities and histories that continue to form this iconic region of the United States. | Angel Rodríguez-Díaz, The Protagonist of an Endless Story, 1993, oil on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase made possible in part by the Smithsonian Latino Initiatives Pool and the Smithsonian Institution Collections Acquisition Program, 1996.19, © 1993, Angel Rodriguez-Diaz
June 15, 2022 to May 14, 2023
The JSMA owns a remarkable Korean painting of the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha and the Ten Kings of Hell that was donated by museum-founder Gertrude Bass Warner (1863-1951). A bodhisattva is a compassionate Buddhist deity that postpones its own enlightenment to assist others along the same spiritual path, and Ksitigarbha—who is always depicted with the shaven head, robes, and staff of a Buddhist monk—i
June 04, 2022 to February 12, 2023
This year's project, Hear My Voice, was led and curated by UO art students Kayla Lockwood (2022, ATCH BFA) and Sam Berry (2023, Product Design) and Malik Lovette (2024, M.Arch). The exhibition documents multiple community conversations with UO students, primarily students of color, and documents their experiences surrounding stereotyping.
June 04, 2022 to February 12, 2023
This year’s Art of the Athlete (AofA) exhibition highlights 4 alumni of the AofA program and their contributions as they returned to share their time and talents to work on the museum’s education programs with UO students, youth in our World of Work program, and outreach programs for children identified as at risk and enduring trauma.
April 23, 2022 to December 18, 2022
The JSMA’s recent acquisition of Untitled by Raymond Saunders (American, b. 1934) marked the first work by this esteemed Bay Area painter and installation artist to enter the collection. Untitled combines many of the visual and thematic elements Saunders has repeated throughout his long artistic career.
April 23, 2022 to September 04, 2022
The exhibition highlights an impressive grouping of photographs by Watts gifted to the JSMA that includes portraits of artists, activists, authors, and musicians along with his sourcing of important historical publications acquired from archival holdings of African American cultural institutions.
April 02, 2022 to April 16, 2023
On Earth: A Fragile Existence highlights works from the JSMA’s permanent collection that reflect a multi-layered understanding of humanity's role in our shared ecology with the non-human, or more-than-human, world.
March 16, 2022 to May 22, 2022
This year marks the 14th annual NewArt Northwest Kids exhibition. This year’s theme, Brave Spaces, encouraged students to share their personal stories of bravery that help define who they are, and stories of bravery they saw or imagined. The works of art reveal the resilience of each student and the bravery they witness every day.
March 12, 2022 to March 19, 2023
Featuring icons, manuscript pages, and other pre-modern Christian objects, After Life: The Saints of Russian and Greek Orthodoxy explores the artistic narrative of hagiography --- the stories of the lives of saints. Zoey Kambour, 2021-22 post-graduate fellow in European & American art, curated this selection of works from the JSMA’s icon collection.
March 05, 2022 to October 02, 2022
Sara Siestreem (Hanis Coos)'s Artist Project Space exhibition pearly gates includes painting installation, video, and woven baskets, and thematically considers access in terms of land, ancestry, resources, and human relationships.
February 05, 2022 to August 28, 2022
On February 5, 2022, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art will open the “Remember This: Hung Liu at Trillium” in the museum’s Barker and Soreng galleries. In this exhibition, renowned contemporary Chinese-American artist Hung Liu explored subjects ranging from portraits to landscapes to still lifes and reflects upon history, memory, tradition, migration, and social justice.
January 15, 2022 to August 26, 2022
Rick Silva’s Western Fronts: Cascade Siskiyou, Gold Butte, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Bears Ears is an experimental video that reflects the political and ecological threats that face four U.S. National Monuments. The work combines aerial drone footage and photogrammetry with 3D animation to create a nature documentary that collapses into itself.
December 11, 2021 to March 13, 2022
The title of Ron Jude’s most recent project references the limits of human perception—12 Hz marks the lowest threshold of human hearing, suggesting the powerful yet frequently imperceptible forces that shape the physical world, from plate tectonics to glacial erosion to the incomprehensibility of geological time.