The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is a national leader among university-affiliated museums providing quality arts in healthcare programming led by passionate educators. The Jordan Schnitzer Museums of Art’s dedicated team is working diligently to provide resources and prompts that inspire art creation, expression, and healing during the current healthcare crisis and outbreak of Covid-19. The prompts on this page are created to inspire self-expression, reflection, connection, and hope, while encouraging people to act creatively during this time of social distancing and heightened anxiety.
Participating in visual arts offers physical and emotional benefits for the individuals involved. Arts education and cultural engagement have the potential to contribute to an increased quality of life and well-being. Visual arts can be utilized as a tool for communication or a platform for self-expression. Engaging in art making activities can improve fine and gross motor skills, and increase strength, coordination, and endurance while expanding range of motion. Creating art also has the potential to elevate mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and inspire positive growth.
Responses to these prompts can be created with any art making materials you already have available at home. Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, pastels and paints are all mediums to craft your artistic response. Prompt pages can be printed out, or participants can use a blank sheet of paper to create their drawings. Utilize hashtags #JSMAcreates and #JSMAartheals on social media to share your artworks with others.

Draw what the term Connection means to you.

Turn on your favorite song or piece of music and listen closely. Move your pencil or paintbrush on the paper as you listen to the notes. Illustrate what the music sounds like.

Create a representation through symbols of what happiness means to you.

Draw a selfportrait of yourself as a flower or animal.

Imagine you have a gathering of people you haven’t seen in a while. Draw a long table and illustrate what food, place settings, decorations and people you would have at the table.