Contact: Cheryl Hartup, Associate Curator of Academic Programs and Latin American Art, (541) 346-0949;

•  University Class Visit
•  Special Projects with Students
•  Individual Research





University Class Visit

Faculty may use the museum collection, including works not on view, to enhance student understanding of course topics.  Typically, the class is a small group of students and their instructor who will be viewing a selection of artwork on public view in the Gilkey Research Center or in collections storage. Collections staff is present to facilitate the visit. Faculty interested in using the collections in this way are asked to complete the Collections Access Request Form early in the term.

Faculty will be expected to:

  • Meet with collections staff in advance to discuss interest in using the museum collection for class.
  • Preview objects or work from a checklist provided by collections staff based on the discussion meeting.
  • Give as much advance notice as possible as to the date and time of the visit.
  • Provide a count of the people who will attend the class visit so that collections staff can arrange appropriate space.
  • Provide a class roster to the JSMA staff contact person in advance of the visit to facilitate check-in.
  • Instruct the class to enter through back door if the museum is closed.  Otherwise the class can gather in lobby.  Collections staff will meet the group in either location and take them to the designated room.
  • Advise students check their backpacks, use only pencils to write notes, and observe the policy that only staff handles the art work.
  • Please note: No food or drink is permitted in the Gilkey Research Center.


Special Projects with Students

Occasionally, faculty members want their students to be involved in long-term or intensive research projects. This usually takes the form of research on a particular collections work or group of works.  For example, a history class on food and culture in conjunction with an anthropology class on a related topic researches a number of objects from the collection to present to a faculty and donor group.

To facilitate this process, please:

  • Contact Anne Rose Kitagawa, Chief Curator of Collections & Asian Art, (541) 346-3162, early in the term.
  • Discuss with the Collections staff the project and its goals.
  • Provide class syllabus and schedule.


Individual Research

Faculty, researchers and students with research questions may see collection objects not on view. To facilitate this process, please:

  • Contact collections manager Chris White, at early in the term.
  • Discuss with Collections staff which objects or files are required.
  • Make an appointment to see a work or group of works.