"The Inner World of Aphasia" with local filmmaker Edward Feil

This empathic and often poetic medical-training film features a powerful performance by co-director Naomi Feil as a nurse who learns to cope with aphasia, the inability to speak as a result of a brain injury. Feil, a social worker whose career has focused on communicating with language-impaired patients, produced this film and dozens more with her husband, Edward Feil. In the film, the patient’s inner thoughts are heard through voice-over as she struggles in frustration to overcome her disability and to connect with her caregivers.

Schnitzer Cinema: "Citizen Blue" with Richard Blue and director Daniel Miller

James Blue, who grew up in Portland and majored in Theater at the University of Oregon, went on to direct films. One  was nominated for an Academy Award and another won the Critics Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. His landmark Civil Rights documentary, The March, was admitted into the prestigious National Film Registry. Blue was a pioneering film professor at UCLA, Rice University, and the American Film Institute, where his students included Francis Ford Coppola, Paul Schrader, and Jim Morrison.


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