The Leadership Council is the JSMA’s primary advisory body with a goal of ensuring the artistic quality, educational integrity, excellence, sustainability, and financial strength of the Museum.  The JSMA greatly appreciates the support of the following Leadership Council members serving this academic year.

Executive Committee

James Walker, Chair and President

David Hilton

Lee Michels

Doug Park

Philip Piele, Past President

Bette Rice

Eric Roedl

Randy Stender, Vice-President

Andrew Teufel

Staff representatives: Jill Hartz, Kurt Neugebauer, Anne Rose Kitagawa, Lisa Abia-Smith, Tom Jackson


Nominating Committee

Doug Park, Chair

Anne Cooling

Philip Piele

Hope Pressman

Sharon Ungerleider

Dom Vetri

James Walker

Staff representatives:  Jill Hartz, Tom Jackson


Collections Committee

Andrew Teufel, Co-Chair

Jody Seasonwein, Co-Chair

Keith Achepohl

Terry Carter

Brian Gillis

Jamie Harper

David Hilton

Sue Keene

Lee Michels

James Walker

Akiko Walley

Staff representatives:  Jill Hartz, Cheryl Hartup, Anne Rose Kitagawa, Danielle Knapp, Chris White


Development Committee           

       Randy Stender, Chair

Janine Gonyea

David Hilton

Philip Piele

Hope Pressman

Bette Rice

       Chris Smith

       Christine Smith

Sharon Ungerleider

James Walker

Staff representatives:  Jill Hartz, Tom Jackson, Esther Harclerode


Finance Committee

      Eric Roedl, Co-Chair

       Kurt Neugebauer, Co-Chair

       Lauren McHolm

Philip Piele

       James Walker

       Staff representatives: Jill Hartz, Kurt Neugebauer, Karri Pargeter         


Long Range Planning Committee            

David Hilton, Chair

James Walker

Bridging Cultures: Keith Achepohl and Jamie Harper

Staff representatives: Jody Seasonwein and Chris White


Engaging Community:

Staff representatives: Debbie Williamson-Smith and Cheryl Hartup


Learning Together: Rick Williams and Chip Zachem

Staff representatives: Lisa Abia-Smith and Danielle Knapp


Sustaining Tomorrow: Christine Smith

Staff representatives: Jill Hartz and Kurt Neugebauer


Program Support Committee

Bette Rice, Chair

Lisa Abia-Smith

Jeff Hanes

Paul Peppis

James Walker

Staff representatives:  Jill Hartz, Debbie Williamson-Smith


At Large Committee Member

Ellen Tykeson