The Leadership Council is the JSMA’s primary advisory body with a goal of ensuring the artistic quality, educational integrity, excellence, sustainability, and financial strength of the Museum.  The JSMA greatly appreciates the support of the following Leadership Council members serving this academic year.

Interested in learning more about the Leadership Council? Please contact Tiana Buckley at (541) 346-0974 or


Leadership Council 2021-2022

Ellen Tykeson, President

Sarah Finlay, Vice President

Ina Asim

Patti Barkin

Tyrell Crosby

Ashley Espinoza

Cheryl Ramberg Ford**

Jeff "Hawk" Hawkins

David Hilton

Ken Kato

Sue Keene**

Lee Michels

Juan-Carlos Molleda

Lesley-Anne Pittard

Erica Rife

Randy Stender, Past President

Laura Vandenburgh

Susy Wadsworth

Tony Washington, Jr.

**Honorary Member