School Tours at the JSMA 2023-24

Tours for grades 2-12

Enrich the classroom experience with a tour through the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the University of Oregon campus.

Our experienced Exhibition Interpreters will guide your students in small group discussion incorporating accessible interpretation and Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS). Open the door to increased critical thinking practice and art literacy in the lives of your students with a tour at the JSMA! 

Art Studio activities at the JSMA support social emotional learning (SEL) standards.

The JSMA continuously monitors all public health concerns and reserves the right to cancel tours should the need arise.

Tour requests must be scheduled a minimum of four (4) weeks in advance.

Tour Themes:

Artful Animals
Find animal representations from the JSMA's collection and special exhibitions, recommended for grades 2 – 5.

Asia Explorers 
Explore the art and artifacts of the Asian continent as displayed in our current exhibitions. Learn and discuss the history and culture from the founding collection of the JSMA.

Design Thinking 
An introduction to art and terminology; looking deeper, thinking critically and sharing what you see using inquiry methods such as VTS.

Art and Culture
Discuss culture and identity past and present in the current JSMA collections on view.

ArtAccess – Accessible VSA tour activity
Accessible inquiry-based VTS art tour program for children with disabilities. Choose your theme along with ArtAccess on the tour request form. ArtAccess tours are free for students thanks to our contractor, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Tour Logistics:

JSMA School Tours will be scheduled for grades 2-12 with one classroom (up to 36 students) per tour. Art studio activities when scheduled with a tour are available. Please request this on the request form. JSMA Post-Tour Activity To-Go packets are available instead of in-person art studio time; please request this on your form.

Tour Days
Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

Tour Start Times
9:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m.

Tour Lengths
Tours  and art studio are available for grades 2-12 and are 50 minutes in length. Prepare for a 60-minute tour visit. If an art studio activity is scheduled with your tour, plan for a 2-hour visit to the JSMA.

Tour Pricing
$3 per student for gallery tours, and $3 per student for art activities. Scholarships are available based on your school's percentage of Title 1 recipients. 
Transportation reimbursements through our Fill Up The Bus program, when available, are determined at the time of booking; please inquire.

Mandatory Chaperone Information
We require 1 chaperone for every 6 students in grades 2-8 and 1 chaperone per 8 students in grades 9-12.  Chaperones are required to review the Chaperone Guide prior to their visit, must arrive with the classroom and will be admitted free of charge.
Download the Chaperone Guide

Book your tour: Tour request form

Tour Scheduled? Here's what happens next:

The lead Exhibition Interpreter for your tour will contact you 2-3 weeks prior to your tour date to help you prepare for your visit, review visit details, and to inquire about scheduling a 20-minute pre-tour visit to your classroom (school vicinity and current OHA guidelines dependent).

Tour Cancellations must be received by the Tour Administrator (JSMA) at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit. We are happy to assist you with rescheduling when possible.

Aditional Museum Education Opportunities:

Interested in having an Exhibition Interpreter visit your classroom? 

If you teach in the (Lane County) 4J, Springfield, Bethel or South Lane districts, we can arrange for a 20-30 minute in person visit by a JSMA Exhibition Interpreter (EI) to visit your classroom. Your EI will visit and lead a discussion about our latest exhibitions and facilitate a Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) session with your class. Please contact us 4 weeks in advance to schedule.

Exhibition Interpreters are also available to Zoom Into Your Room for a 20-30 minute visit to talk about a featured art piece, exhibition or for a Visual Thinking Strategies session! Please contact us to schedule 4 weeks in advance, an EI will get in touch with you to coordinate content, timing and logistics. 

Request an Exhibition Interpreter Visit on your tour form 

Remote Learning Available with ART TEACHES!

Visit our Art Teaches remote learning and professional development webpage; here you will find links to our remote learning curriculum developed by and for teachers to use in your classroom, or in your student’s home setting.  Our Art Teaches: Myriad Treasures program is flexible learning for your students with videos, lesson plans and art and writing activities designed to stand alone or as a full curriculum.  Explore the treasures here including our new Ten Symbols of Longevity screen video coming soon!: Art Teaches

Interested in Visiting the Museum of Natural and Cultural History also?  Here are some helpful hints to help you plan!

Additional Information for teachers at our Teacher Resource Center:

For information regarding additional school programs such as NewArt Northwest Kids, ArtsBridge America, ArtsAsia, and Outreach Kits, please visit the Teacher Resource Center and the Teachers & Schools pages, where you can find out more about our upcoming teacher professional development.