Le Corbusier (Swiss-French, 1887-1965). Woman on the Beach, ca. 1930s. Oil on canvas. Widmer Fund Purchase; 1967:3.4

A Woman’s Worth

January 09, 2021 to August 15, 2021

Inspired by the Feminist Art Coalition’s mission to promote feminist art histories “as a catalyst for discourse and civic engagement” during the 2020 election season and beyond, this exhibition considers the representation of women by male artists from the Renaissance through the twentieth century. Paintings and prints from the JSMA's permanent collection explore archetypal ideals of feminine virtues, the objectification of the female form, and woman as model and muse. Through the lens of feminist theory, the exhibition reflects on the social and aesthetic values assigned to women when represented as symbolic vessels, anonymous beauties, or passive bodies to be manipulated and viewed by male artists and a patriarchal cultural.

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