Jonathan Roensch, Braxton Williams, 2019, Photogaph, 11 x 14 inches. 

Common Thread: Reflections on Aesthetic Culture

May 15, 2019 to September 08, 2019

For those who enjoyed last year’s exhibition and related programming for Don’t Touch My Hair, we offer another student-organized show that provides a glimpse into the university’s diverse student culture.  Focusing on clothing and other wearable attire, the exhibition serves as a platform for conversations that address diversity, equity, and inclusion. The exhibition is organized by a UO student curatorial team: Taite Stull, Cassidy Shaffer, and Kristen Clayton, who also served as creative project manager. They were supported by UO students Jasmine Jackson (videographer), Ugo Akabike (photographer), and Jonathan Roensch (photographer). Told through their photographs, the stories presented express intentional aesthetic choices that reflect personal, academic, and social influences, responding to cultural, political, and economic factors.