Gerda Peterich (American, 1906-74)
African Ceremonial Dance, 1963    
Gelatin Silver Print
U.O. Collection; Am56:Pe1..1

CSWS: “Women’s Stories, Women’s Lives”

September 09, 2013 to January 26, 2014

This special selection of photographs from the permanent collection are on view in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Center for the Study of Women in Society, a campus organization that creates, funds, and shares research that addresses the complicated nature of gender identities and inequalities. Curated by graduate students Sarah Turner and Regan Watjus, “Women’s Stories, Women’s Lives” presents images representing the diversity of the female experience. The JSMA’s collection of photography originally focused on [primarily male] artists working on the West Coast, but it has expanded to include over 1000 images by both men and women from the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. In making selections for this display, the student curators chose artists of both genders, whose social documentary photographs reflected women from different walks of life. Their subjects’ personal stories, captured in moments in time, are empowering, realistic, and relatable. On that same token, the lives of the female photographers are equally interesting and inspiring. “Women’s Stories, Women’s Lives” celebrates both the women in front of and behind the cameras.

Complementary exhibitions at Knight Library, Erb Memorial Union, and the Eugene Airport display additional artwork, feminist publications, and historical materials.


You are invited to attend the CSWS’s interdisciplinary program “Agents of Change,” a three-day celebration of feminist research, activism, and creativity in collaboration with the ASUO Women’s Center and the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies:

“Agents of Change” Opening Celebration – Erb Memorial Union, Thursday, Nov. 7

“Women’s Stories, Women’s Lives” Symposium – Erb Memorial Union, Friday, Nov. 8

“Worlds Beyond World” Symposium – Erb Memorial Union, Nov. 8-9

For more information about these events, please visit: