Amanda Marie, Talking In Circles, 50cm x 70cm , aerosol, acrylic, sewing pattern, on cotton rag, 2013

Amanda Marie and X-O: The Many Places We Are

May 09, 2015 to August 09, 2015

This two-artist exhibition explores the concept of emotional travel. When we travel, especially when we travel in intimate proximity to our travel partners, not only do we move through physical space, but we move through emotional place. During extensive travel, emotional bonds develop that are nearly guaranteed to make intense and complex waves in the lives of these travelers. A visual representation of this deep idea is explored by both artists, who have indeed traveled extensively together. Amanda Marie’s signature visual language, built from an ever-expanding toolbox of hand-drawn, hand-cut stencils, is her mode of expressing the complexities of sharing emotional travels. For Hyland Mather, aka X-O, his stylistic habit of collecting “lost object” materials along his travels is the basis for his often large-scale interpretations of memory and emotion, which he visits through shape, color, and texture.