The Architecture and Legacy of Pietro Belluschi

February 07, 2015 to April 26, 2015

Portland-based architect Pietro Belluschi (1899–1994) was one of the leading proponents of Modernist architecture in the Pacific Northwest. Born in Italy, Belluschi joined the Portland firm of A.E. Doyle in 1925, quickly rising up the ranks and eventually buying out the remaining partners in 1943. He went on to design more than 1,000 buildings, many of them in Oregon, including the main building of the Portland Art Museum (1932), the Equitable Building in Portland (1944–47), and the Central Lutheran Church in Eugene (1959). Organized by Pietro’s son, architect Anthony Belluschi, for the Oregon Historical Society in 2012, this exhibition features models built by University of Oregon students of ten Belluschi buildings located across Oregon. The exhibition is made possible in part by a JSMA Academic Support grant.