Comics Journalism: Lecture by Katherine Kelp-Stebbins, Ph.D.

Downtown Public Library, Bascom-Tykeson Rooms
Thu, 10/10/2019 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

The very idea of using comics—a medium associated with younger audiences, humorous narratives, and lowbrow aesthetics—to produce serious journalism may seem paradoxical, but Professor Kelp-Stebbins explains why comics has become the medium for some of the most innovative and emotionally engaging journalistic work since the late 20th-century. Highlighting comics reportage from areas as diverse as the U.S.-Mexico border, refugee camps in Malta, and army bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, she introduces audiences to the genre of comics journalism and locates Ralph Steadman as a progenitor of the genre by examining his editorial cartoons and his role in establishing the visual language for gonzo journalism.  

This event will be held at the Eugene Downtown Public Library in the Bascom-Tykeson Rooms 


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