“A Most Marvelous Thing” – Scenes In and Around Kyoto

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 5:30pm

Matthew P. McKelway
Takeo and Itsuko Atsumi Professor of Japanese Art History and Director of the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Japanese Art, Columbia University, New York

Join us for a very special presentation about Japanese folding screens depicting Scenes In and Around Kyoto (Rakuchu rakugai zu)—an important genre of painting first produced during the late Muromachi period (early sixteenth century) that continued into the early Edo period (seventeenth century). The speaker, a major expert in the field, will discuss the development of these golden panoramic views that reflect the political aspirations of their patrons even as they illuminate aspects of the urban landscape, seasonal events, and lives of the people in Japan’s old imperial capital. After the lecture, guests will be treated to a private viewing of one such screen from the museum’s collection.