Faculty Workshops

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art invites faculty and GTFs to learn more about the museum and how our collections, programs, facility, and staff can support curricula and research. This series of FREE workshops is designed for first‐time users as well as those familiar with the museum’s resources. Advance registration is required. To register or learn more, contact museum educator Sharon Kaplan at or (541) 346-0968.

WORKSHOP 1: Writing from Art
Tuesday, April 30, 9:30‐11:30 a.m.
Led by Lisa Abia‐Smith, director of education, and Sharon Kaplan, museum educator
Writing about artwork on view is an excellent way to examine the art closely and interpret its meaning, as well as improve written skills. A good writing prompt can enliven an assignment. Try your own hand at a variety of writing exercises in the museum’s galleries and consider how these activities might be adapted for use with your students.

WORKSHOP 2: Designing Your Curriculum with the Museum in Mind
Friday, May 17, 9:30‐11:30 a.m.
Led by Anne Rose Kitagawa, chief curator, curator of Asian art, and director of academic programs; Danielle Knapp, McCosh Fellow Curator; and Sharon Kaplan, museum educator.
The museum’s exhibitions, programs, and staff expertise are valuable resources that can enrich your curriculum in a myriad of ways. Learn how you can connect your curriculum to what’s happening at the museum, including coordinating visiting speakers, pursuing special projects with students, scheduling a guided tour or course in the building, viewing art not currently on display, and much more. Included in the program is a behind‐the‐scenes tour of the museum’s collections storage areas.