Schnitzer Cinema: James Blue Tribute

The Complex Documentary: Excerpts from “Who Killed the Fourth Ward?” (1976-77) and “Invisible City” (1979) with Skype dialogue with Brian Huberman and Ed Hugetz
Wed, 03/12/2014 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Excerpts of two of James Blue’s films about Houston housing conditions and urban renewal projects will be shown: “Who Killed the Fourth Ward?” made with Brian Huberman (camera) and Ed Hugetz (sound), and “The Invisible City,” co-directed by Adele Santos. According to Gerald O’Grady, Blue’s concept of the “complex documentary began with a concern for and a commitment to changing a particular situation in an urban culture in which Blue himself lived. It was not to take a side but to explore all the facts in their complexity, and to research the problem in … consultations with as many citizens from every strata involved in the issue... It also enabled him to utilize a … narrative in which he himself, as the filmmaker, could perform the role of detective, so that the work became more of a story than an essay, and thus engaged a wider audience.”

Curated by Cinema Pacific festival director Richard Herskowitz, Schnitzer Cinema is the JSMA's monthly showcase for adventurous cinema, featuring screenings and live presentations or Skype dialogues with special guests. Screenings are free and include free popcorn and soda. Schnitzer Cinema is brought to you in partnership with Cinema Pacific and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.