Stop Asian Hate

Hung LIU (LIU Hung 刘虹, born 1948 in China), Chinese American, 2011. Wings II. Mixed media triptych H. 41 x W. 81 inches (overall). Gift of Artist Hung Liu and Trillium Graphics/David Salgado

In the wake of the Atlanta murders of eight, six of whom were women of Asian heritage, and at a time of rising racist violence directed against people of Asian, Desi, and Pacific Islander heritage as well as members of the BIPOC community and other people of color in the United States, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art mourns this senseless loss of lives and condemns these and other acts of violence and discrimination locally, nationally, and internationally. Among other transgressions, we recognize the long history of discrimination against people of Asian descent in the Unites States, and the pain and losses it has caused. We stand in solidarity with the University of Oregon’s Asian Desi Pacific Islanders Strategy Group and other organizations and offices across campus in calling out and denouncing these attacks motivated by racism, ignorance, and hate. Opened in 1933, this museum was explicitly founded to preserve, present, and value the arts of Asia, to build understanding of and respect for Asian cultures, and to help build bridges between the peoples of Asia and the US.

We encourage our members and visitors to read the statements released this week by:

The UO Office of the President

UO Division of Equity & Inclusion

The Japanese American Citizens League

...the love for the beautiful, the understanding of which makes the whole world kin.

Quote from museum-founder Gertrude Bass Warner (1863-1951) at the University of Oregon Commencement, June 10, 1933.

The JSMA will continue our work as an institution to dismantle racism and is committed to providing a platform for antiracism through our programs, exhibitions, and our hiring practices.