Dan Archer - The Art of the News: Comics Journalism

Illustration by Audra McNamee

Dan Archer has been working as a graphic journalist for over a decade. He focuses on human rights-related topics in his work, and is accustomed to respecting the sensitivities associated with telling the stories of survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, domestic violence, mental health, homelessness, incarceration and state-sponsored violence. His work has been supported by the BBC, Vice, the US State Dept, Associated Press, the Colombian government, Open Society, European Journalism Centre, and he holds a Maynard Institute Award for mental health reporting. In 2015 Archer founded Empathetic Media, a mixed reality production studio, to expand his interactive journalism into the immersive space. Since then EM has produced dozens of virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences from 360 videos to room-scale pieces for a wide range of clients, including The Washington Post, Pfizer Foundation, Gilead Life Sciences and the National Health Service. He's also working on a doctoral thesis at University College London, focused on measuring the impact of pro-social behavioural interventions inside immersive experiences using biosignals. For more information, visit or

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